Workshops for schools






Cul De Sac is an art space based in South East London that promotes young and established artists. The gallery is planning to enrich the education programme and Valeria will lead free workshops for schools during the next exhibition “London-Munich” coming up at the end of May.



London-Munich part 1 from the 20th May until the 10th June

A workshop inspired by Christoph Lammers’s work.

We will explore charcoal basics and we will discover that we can draw with all our body.



London-Munich part 2  from the 16th June until the 1st July

A workshop inspired by Jadranka Kosorcic’s work.

Who am I ? Let’s leave the other talk about me. Through identikits exercises we will make portraits with charcoal.



If you want to reserve a workshop for your school or you want to know more about the activities please contact Valeria  at or 07794727062

We look forward to working with you !

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