Paper Theatre Workshop

From Sunday 3rd July until Sunday 16th October 2011

Stimulate your Sunday with a fun workshop at the Saatchi Gallery.

During the current show at the Saatchi Gallery, The Shape of Things to Come: New Sculpture , you will have the opportunity to enjoy yourself with your family. After a 30 minute tour in the gallery space you will make a creative and unique Paper Theatre, also known as a toy theatre, which is a form of miniature theatre dating back to the early 19th century in Europe. We will use drawing, collage, and cut silhouette shapes and forms to create these. My goal is to introduce art to everyone in a relaxed environment with a fun activity.

The whole experience will take around 1.5 hour.

£10 per child, £5 for second child and FREE for parents.

Babies and under 5 with parents are more than welcome to follow the activity.

To make a booking please email Valeria

See below the pictures of our Paper Theatre!!!

Thomas, 8 years

Valeria (Me!), 27 years

Valeria (Me!)

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