Family Art Workshops are recreational and creative activities that engage children, teenagers and parents hands-on. The exhibitions and the collection of the Saatchi Gallery are usually the subjects of the workshops but more in general are the languages and media of contemporary art. The artist who leads the workshops is Valeria Amadei.

Valeria works with different media such as photography, the internet and  writing. She has had international exhibitions in Spain, Italy and also in UK. Working as artist she found very gratifying planning workshops and projects for families and children. Check her website if you want to see her works valeriaamadei.wordpress.

Family Art Workshop is a space for those who want to explore art through all of their senses, for those who are tired to copy and to reproduce what the famous artists did, even though creating something that might be similar to a Picasso could be very satisfying.

The pedagogy foundation of my way of working is considering Art as a “pretext” rather than a “text”. Art is not just a subject to learn, nor is it something that we understand by reading an exhibition guide or a catalogue; Art is a media to explore and to be surprised by, Art is an explosion of many different ways of relate ourselves with the world. Each piece tells stories, lives, experiences and feelings.

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