Valeria Amadei is one of the artists in exhibition, In&Outboard Project


In&Outboard is pleased to present:


Opening days: 24th/25th/26th February
Private View: 24th February 6pm til late 7pm performance by the artist Grazia Capri assisted by Danilo Pisano
Exhibition: 25th February 12pm til late
                      26th February 12pm – 8pm
Address: “Le Sorelle” Millwall Cutting Berth 1, Thames Quay, E14 9SG, London
                  DLR: South Quay
Artists: Agata Frydrych, Edmond Brooks, Grazia Capri, John Angel Rodríguez Castro, Katerina Georgopoulou, Marta Molka, Matt Gee, Nadia Perrotta, Tobias Saunders, Valeria Amadei.
In&Outboard investigates what lies beneath the work of art, the collision of feelings, doubts, loss, discovery of new ideas and the return to the initial ones. The creative process is revealed, recorded and shared. The mysterious voyage that culminates in a work of art becomes here the work of art itself…the absolute protagonist of the research.
In&out Board team: antonio pilade , elena bangueses buceta, najda el-amriti, barbara speziale, lucia buceta santos, adriana luptakova




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